Theres A First Time For Every One

So the first day back to school and it went pretty quick.  I woke up this morning at six and turned my alarm off and then I woke up at 6:14 and rushed out of bed thinking I had just slept in, it was funny, I took like a one minute shower. Thats probably the fastest I have moved at that time of day in a while.

Connor Brown

After school I went and did my ride, I only had an hour today, and due to the fact that snow was still on the ground I did it on the rollers. The rollers weren’t  bad at all today and I felt pretty good riding.

I did have core today as well and had the pleasure of watching my Dad try out the rollers for the first time. He did pretty darn well, stood out of the saddle once and drank from his bottle, it was pretty impressive.

I am gonna end it there, I am pretty tired from the six o’clock wake up so I am hitting the hay.


Connor Brown


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