It’s Good To Be Back

I had a 3 hour ride today and I actually got to do it outside because the snow melted. I was pretty excited to head out so I got up early. I ended up bumping into Kent and road with him for about two laps until we ran into Rick and then I rode with him for a lap until we ran into Ben. It was a pretty good ride in regards to weather other than the fact that the wind was ripping today and the periodic drench of riding over some run off from the melted snow.Connor Brown

All in all it felt really good to ride outside again!

After my ride I came in and watched a rerun of the U23 cyclocross Nationals. Its actually a pretty cool sport to watch and looks really fun!

Once that was done I watched the Seahawks put the smack down on the Saints. I am going to be pretty darn surprised if they don’t make it to the Super Bowl, but who knows anything could happen.

Connor Brown

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