Winters Reign Is Coming To An End!

So I had a three hour ride today, which I decided I would ride with the Jacomo classic today. Its a solid ride, plus it was that much better due to the awesome weather today. It was like 63 degrees, I can start to feel the end of winter!!!Connor Brown

Anyways, I rode with the group for a little over half my ride and then decided to head back home. The wind was definitely rippin out of the south today, but thats what I expect from the Midwest.

After I finished my ride I watched Denver vs. San Diego and it ended up to be a pretty good game of football. I had a laugh because it seems as though the Chargers offense doesn’t start playing football until the last quarter but they make it an interesting ending.

So it looks like we will get another Brady vs. Manning match up! I have to give Tom Brady big props because no one really talks much about him, yet he has been to like 6 Super Bowls won like 4 and is fighting for another shot. He is truly one of the best to play the game!

Connor Brown

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