Cycling Just Got A Bit Weird, Thanks Garmin

Man Mondays are hard, I think the worst is the initial wake up that makes it suck so much for me. I hate having to wake up early its just immoral to have to wake up that early.Connor Brown

After I got done with school, I came home and decided to chill out for an hour before I hit the weight room for core. I really like being able to have a few minutes to relax after school, a lot of days I just rush on to the bike to beat the sun down.

I noticed today that Garmin are no longer using Giro helmets, but now use POC. I believe they made the switch because Garmin has become a hipster team and feels as though the Giro brand is too mainstream now. Thus they were obligated to make a change to keep their hipster reputation. I mean just look at that thing! If this is where cycling is heading I am getting a bit scared.

This will go good with Hesjedal's glasses

This will go good with Hesjedal’s glasses

Honestly its a bit different but the brand is all about safety, so much so that they threw out all designs that looked good and lacked any safety and threw this together. They made a helmet that protected the back of the head were as most helmets just cover the top. So if you are looking to either be a hipster or to be very safe this could possibly be the helmet for you.

Connor Brown

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