I Had A Piece Of Equipment Go MIA Today

I had a half day at school which meant for me that I got to come back home for the rest of the day and chill out before I hit the road.

I love when I have half days because I usually bring my lunch to school and when I am home for lunch I am like look at all of these choices!

So it takes me a while to eat lunch but I feel more satisfied after.Connor Brown

Once I had gotten some lunch in me and let it digest a bit, I decided it would be a good time for me to hit the road. It started off like any normal ride that is until I hit a downhill section of my ride and I decided to get in my super awesome patented aerodynamic position.

While I was in that position I ended up knocking my sensor that picks up my speed into my spokes and it shot off my bike and into the road. So I hit the breaks and then headed back to search where it had fallen because this stuff isn’t cheap even the inexpensive stuff is expensive. So I knew if I at least found it I could have a shot a repairing it.

It took me a bit but I ended up finding it in the grass. It wasn’t to banged or scrapped up so I was pretty satisfied.

After that I headed back home to start my core exercises. Luckily everything went smooth there as usual so that about raps it up for to day.

Connor Brown

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