Stickers Are In And The Bike Is On The Way

So today was freaking windy!Connor Brown

I probably spent most of my ride at about a 75 degree angle pushing against the wind, but strangely it wasn’t that cold.

My parents kept telling me how cold it was but it was actually really warm for me, weird part is that it started snowing during my ride. I didn’t really notice it at first until the end.

I had a few high cadence sprints that I did, I really like doing those because I think it freaks people out who are behind me in their cars, because I am spinning so fast.

My name tags for my bikes came into day and they look super cool, I am definitely pumped to put them on.20140116_205612

Anyways, I have debate this weekend so it may be a bit hard for me to upload anything, but I will definitely try.

Connor Brown

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