What A Day Of Football

So I got to sleep in today and it was well worth it due to how tired I was from debate. After I ate some breakfast I went out for my three hour ride. However, something was different this time. I had someone with me, that someone was my Dad who was finally riding back outside.Connor Brown


He decided that he would come and ride the first hour with me and he did just fine, we averaged just over 17 mph for a very windy first hour.


Once the first hour was done and my Dad had gone home I decided to head out to County Line. While I was riding I ran into a plethora of recreational riders. It was good to see that people were enjoying the weather in a healthy way!


When I finally finished my ride, I got home just in time for the last half of the Denver game. Yes they did win, am I surprised of course not.


After that I watched Seattle put the defensive smackdown on the 49ers!20140119_133714


Connor Brown

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