I Have Found A Tune Up Race For VOS!

Well I didn’t have school today thanks to MLK Jr. day! Which meant that I slept in late and then hung out for the rest of the day. I didn’t have a ride today because I utilize Mondays for recovery, however I might go and work my abs out a bit.Connor Brown

Anyways today was a bit uneventful, as of now I am contemplating watching a movie or not.

Although I am planning on doing the Jacomo Classic Gentlemen’s race, which is a three man time trial that goes for about 90 kilometers, thats right I used kilometers because I am Euro.

Its a race that my friend Kent has put together, which is cool because I was looking for something to due for a tune up before Vally of the Suns race.

As of now my team consists of Kent Woreman, Kenny Englert, and myself. I am pretty excited about it because I am good friends with all of them and it will be fun to whoop up on everyone because Kenny and I are juniors and Kent is a super strong Cat 1, so it should be good fun!

As for tomorrow I am off school again due to the school system’s bureaucracy, which I am not complaining about, and I believe my Team Winded Argon 18 Gallium Pro is supposed to arrive! I am definitely excited about that.

Connor Brown

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