Champion System Delivers The Goods

So today I had a two hour ride with some zone five intervals to do. Unfortunately it was super windy which meant that I was riding through a brick wall. I looked at my computer and it was clocking fifty mile an hour head wind. But thats just a typical windy day in the midwest for yeah.Connor Brown

I heard that the new Team Winded kits are in today, and I am super excited. Champion System makes awesome gear, I road with it last year and I was just so impressed how well it fits to your body. Plus the shami is top notch quality, which makes every bump that much smoother on the no-no square.

Plus the jersey design looks just so incredibly pro, it looks like a world tour team!! I’m just super happy with the direction this team is going this season. I forgot to mention that my teammates already cleaned up some first place finishes at their first races (Clayton Stone and Chaz Lane).

Anyways, today was a pretty tough one on the legs, but overall I am very happy with how my form is looking so far this season.58424_10152226950013707_1651117582_n

As for tomorrow it looks like I might get a snow day because it will be ten below zero in the morning and it would just be inhumane if they made children freeze out at their bus stops…just a thought.

Connor Brown

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