I Just Missed It

So I had just a two hour recovery ride today and after the intervals that I had yesterday the legs felt really tight, but thats pretty typical for muscles trying to repair themselves.

It was very cold outside, I believe it was like 15 degrees out and I tend to draw the line at 20 degrees, just because I do not have anything for my feet that will keep my feet warm under twenty.Connor Brown

That meant that I would be on the rollers today, which I was fine with but I am pretty done with riding inside after all the endless hours I have put on those things.

Anyways, I came home and I found a note from UPS that said that they brought my new bike by but because no one was home they had to hold it another night. However, they did stress on the note that they will be bringing the bike tomorrow, so I am very excited to see this new beast.

By the way if they would have called the snow day today at my school I could have gotten my bike today…just saying.

Tomorrow looks to be pretty awesome because I will be riding my new Argon 18 Gallium Pro Team Winded edition bike and by the looks of the pictures she is beautiful.

I will make sure to post some pictures of it tomorrow and a full review of the bike.

This is a pic of my bike before it shipped

This is a pic of my bike before it shipped

With that said, I am still trying to figure out what the Pro Bowl has now turned into. Like it was stupid when they changed it to where the Pro Bowl was before the Super Bowl instead of after. But now they are allowing retired players to draft teams? I just think that its just pointless game that the NFL uses to get more money off of….I just have no idea what it is anymore.

Connor Brown

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