I Am In Love

Man what a day, I woke up around eight because I needed to get over to the bike shop at ten, and I needed to pack the car up with the bikes and eat some breakfast. I am not a morning person either and I refuse to drink coffee just because its too mainstream, lol. Truth is I just refuse to be dependent upon coffee to have energy. Plus it helps watching my parents struggle when they can’t find a Starbucks when we go out of town. Its pretty funny unless they get mad that you think its funny, then its definitely not funny.Connor Brown

Anyways, I got to the shop and after about two hours of getting everything perfect, the bike was constructed, thanks to the super squad at Bike America!

Right after that, a group of guys I planned on riding with showed up at the shop to go ride the Jacomo Classic route.

As I was riding I was shocked at how much I loved how low the bike allows my bars to get, its freaking awesome! I dropped it down to the lowest position possible and it was so nice, plus it looks pro.

Whilst riding with the guys, I really noticed how crazy stiff the bike is, I could literally feel the watts flow through my legs and into the bike. The crazy part is that when bikes are usually really stiff they aren’t that comfortable, yet somehow Argon 18 has made an incredibly stiff bike that is really comfortable. For example, during all of the three hours that I rode it today, not once was I ever uncomfortable.

Now it took me a bit to get used to the new DI2 electronic shifting. Only because it is so quiet, that when it shifts I feel like it hasn’t shifted(when it has), which really freaks me out because its like stealth as heck!20140125_120417

I will be able to like grab two gears in a race and no one will no unless they hear the Zhip noise that it makes every now and again.

Overall I am in love with the bike, it is so awesome that even after my ride I found myself sitting on it just because I enjoyed it so much.

I will be riding it again tomorrow, which will give me more time to put in on it and really find out what the bike is about and I am definitely excited.

Tomorrow I have another three hour ride and it sounds like it supposed to be 60 plus outside tomorrow!

Connor Brown20140125_191013 20140125_191046 20140125_191448

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