One Word Can Describe Missouri’s Weather….Bipolar

Its days like these that make me wonder why I live in Missouri. Seriously, yesterday it was 60 degrees and today its like 17 degrees outside. I do agree that snow and cold weather can be fun sometimes, but I would like to do it on my terms. If I want to be cold I will go some place cold, but I would rather live where winter is 60 degrees outside rather than this.Connor Brown

Anyways, I had an off day today, which means no workouts, other than the bit of core exercises I did for maintenance.

Other then that I spent the rest of my day playing with my power meter. I finally got it hooked up and synced today (thanks to Jay’s advice), I ended up having to pull the battery prongs out a bit so it touched the battery and that did the trick.

After that I went and created a garmin profile, however I was having trouble syncing my garmin over to the computer. I thought that it would pick it up the second I plugged the USB cord into the computer, but apparently it takes 20 ridiculous steps before everything on your garmin runs smoothly.

Truth is I am probably messing something up and I am just not realizing it.

Working diligently on my garmin

Working diligently on my garmin

As far as tomorrow goes, I am hoping it warms up a bit so that I can ride outside. Otherwise I will be inside on the rollers.

Connor Brown

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