Rolling Off The Rollers

So once again today was ridiculously cold and in no way pleasant. It was funny because outside it was sunny and dry, but just ridiculously cold. It was as if I was being mocked, as I saddled up for another long ride on the rollers.Connor Brown

Everything went smoothly until I decided to stretch my legs and as I was out of the saddle I rolled off. I kept it up though, it was a little sketchy for a second, but I don’t seem to fall anymore; I just roll off.

After I finished up my ride and cleaned up, I headed out with my family to go eat some Mexican food. It seems as though it is becoming an weekly thing, which is probably not the best idea for my cycling career.

Anyways, it sounds as though it is going to heat back up to 40 degrees tomorrow and I am excited to test out my power meter.

I did end up figuring out what was wrong with my Garmin and apparently it has a bad USB cord. So once that is fixed I will be good to go.

Connor Brown

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