Real Men Eat Frozen Waffles

So it actually warmed up a bit today, which meant that I could actually ride outside which was pretty cool. I had intervals today and I was pretty excited to see how my numbers looked while I road.Connor Brown

It was a very windy day today though so that meant that it was going to be a tough ride. My legs where fairly tight today from the power building exercises I did on the rollers yesterday, but overall I was pumped to hit it.

Once I finally got started I was interested to see how much better it is to train when you are looking at watts instead of speed. The reason is that even though you are going fast you might not be putting out good watts. Also, it was a bit of a motivator, because I would see the number drop down a bit when I would go down a slight false flat, and I pushed deeper to get it back up.

Overall it was awesome because I actually felt like I had done some of the best interval training just because I was able to do it by watts instead of speed.

I am definitely happy with the power meter and I am super excited to get a way more in-depth training now.

Anyways, after the ride I had some dinner and like two hours later I got a bit hungry again and I decided I would get some waffles. However, every time I get the waffles out of the freezer I am confronted with a looming question that I have pondered for many years. That question is what do frozen waffles taste like?

Which leads to more questions like, are frozen waffles even edible for humans? Questions like those have really gotten to me.

So I did what no man has done before, I answered my questions about frozen waffles and I have to say that my results were shocking.

Connor Brown

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