Man It Is Nice To Have Recovery Days

So today I had just a simple recovery ride to help my legs out after the hard work from the last two days of intervals and power workouts. My legs were really tight today, probably due to the lactic acid build up. So in order to flush that stuff out of my muscles, I did my best to spin my legs above 100rpms (thats a good recovery cadence).Connor Brown

It seemed as though it had warmed up a bit today, even though it felt colder because the sun was covered by the clouds. However, it felt as though there was no wind today, which is very ideal for recovery days. There is nothing worse then having shredded legs and having to fight the wind for two hours, which is a fairly typical ride in Missouri.

I think a lot of people underestimate the power of a 20mph wind. I remember when I did the Tour of Abitibi, the hardest stage, no doubt in my mind, was the crazy crosswind day. That day literally ripped the peloton in half and anyone who wasn’t strong enough or got caught behind had lost that race. The craziest part was the wind caused the split within the first fifteen minutes of the race, which turned that day into a very hard day of racing right from the gun.

Anyways, I got bogged down with homework tonight which really sucked and really cut into my personal life tonight. Oh well, it will be Friday tomorrow, and I can’t wait to knock this day out and start the weekend!

Oh, and congrats to Chris Horner, he signed with Lampre Merida today! The cool thing is Lampre is sponsored by Champion Systems, so now I am wearing the same kit as the world champion and Chris Horner!

Connor Brown

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