Days Like These Are Tough

Man so today was one of those days that separate the boys from the men. There is nothing more mentally challenging than a three and a half hour ride on the rollers. Just knowing that you are going to be in the same boring place for three and a half hours is something that gets to a lot of people.Connor Brown


At this level of competition there are a lot of talented riders, but only those who are willing to break down the mental barriers like indoor training are the athletes that will become really successful in cycling.


As for me I am so sick of this weather, I am probably going to be on the rollers again tomorrow for another three hour ride and I am not excited.

For those of you that don’t know how brutal the rollers are think of running in the same place, for three hours, with nothing but a music player, and its really hot. It is just so mentally challenging to not cut time off your ride and take the easy way out. Because it is always there, waiting for you to hit that easy button and give in.


Which is why indoor training is so hard, because it targets amore mental side of the sport. I think that its because Midwest riders have to deal with these long winters and harsh winds all the time that they are a tougher breed of riders. Yeah you can look at Cali riders and they are really fast but, I don’t ever hear about them having to put countless hours into indoor training.


Anyways, after I finished my ride I decided to try Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. I have had just about every other BBQ in town and so far I was a big Jack Stack fan and didn’t think anyone could over through them. That is until I had Oklahoma Joe’s and they have the best BBQ sauce I have had. I was very impressed and I will definitely put them high on my BBQ restaurants list.

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