The Snow Is Getting To Me

It’s day three that I have been snowed inside of the house. I feel as though the walls are slowly closing in on me. My mother has been infected with the flu and I by now there are few people that I can trust that aren’t infected.

At this point I have taken the dog and am hiding in the basement. However, I feel the time is drawing near for I am desperately running low on essentials like cereal. With the food depleting quickly I feel as though that I will soon be confronted with having to eat Boss. I hope it doesn’t come down to it but I may not have a choice. I hope rescue comes soon…

The Boss

The Boss

Man I don’t know how much longer I can take the rollers. I am literally going crazy, I have pumped 8 and ½ hours on them and it looks like I will be on them all week because the snow has been pouring down on us here.

I am enjoying the time off school though, I think that if I am going to be stuck inside I would rather be inside at home then at school. However, I would rather be outside and enjoying the sun then being snowed in.Connor Brown

The good news is that I am only like two weeks away from racing in Arizona for VOS. I am so happy to get outa here, that I might miss my flight coming back, on “accident” of course.

Connor Brown

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