I Once Knew What The Open Road Looked Like, But That Was A Long Time Ago

So today was pretty tough, I have been on the rollers for the longest consecutive period that I have ever done. To make matters worse I had to do zone five intervals, which are some of the hardest intervals that I do. Now what really made it so hard was that there is no wind that can cool me off on the rollers.

I don’t sweat that much when I work out but when I am inside on the rollers and I have zone five intervals I pour sweat. The funny thing is I hate sweating it feels disgusting, so it makes zone five intervals that much harder when you have sweet in your eyes.Connor Brown

Anyways, I am off school again tomorrow! I am really digging having no school, but I cannot wait to be back out on the road. It will be so much nicer when I am in AZ and basking in its sunny, warm, and orange-ishness.

I know this one is kinda short, but my legs are shredded and I am looking to get in bed after a hard days work.

Connor Brown

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