Escaping To Arkansas

I can’t believe it but I am official off school all week! Its pretty awesome to not have school, although I am trapped on the rollers, it would have been ten times worse if I had to go to school.Connor Brown

Anyways I had a two hour ride today and boy were my legs tight from the past two days of interval training. So for todays ride all that was on my mind was spinning my legs back into shape. While I was doing that I decided to crank up the old laptop, the one that actually has a dvd player in it, and played the 2014 Fleche Wallonne.

Unfortunately with 5k to go the laptop died and I was forced to finish up without the end.

So in order to escape the cold weather I am planning on heading down to Arkansas for the weekend. That way I will be able to ride outside, get some hardcore climbing in, and pre ride the Joe Martin course.

I have to say that I am pretty excited to get off the rollers, I will have been on them for seven days now and I am going insane. Its just so boring to ride them for two hours at a crack.

So I will be sure to get lots of pictures while I am down there and keep you guys updated!

Connor Brown

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