Well That Was Unexpected

Well today didn’t go as planned, I woke up and apparently Arkansas got some unexpected freezing rain. Just to see if there was any hope at riding, we went out and tested the roads to see how the tread would handle the roads. After a couple of tests it was a unanimous decision to head home and not waste anymore time.

Checking The Roads In Fayetteville

Checking The Roads In Fayetteville

We knew that KC was expecting some more snow, which is just great news for the cycling community (sarcasm). Our drive in got a bit interesting because we came in an hour after the snow started falling.

For some reason people just lose their minds when it comes to driving in poor weather. I don’t know what it is, but its definitely annoying.20140209_122430

Anyways, once I got home and unpacked, I headed back down into the basement and got right back on the rollers.

I will say that the one day break was very nice, not only for my legs but for my head as well. Although it was disappointing that the weather didn’t crack up to all that it sounded like it was going to be.

Unfortunately it looks as though I have another week on the rollers before any of the weather clears up here. This winter has definitely sucked, but I am looking forward to soaking up some sun in AZ in the next few weeks.

So my school hasn’t shut down yet, but we are expecting more snow around 4 in the morning to start falling. So that means for me that I have to hit the hay, just as a precaution, a bit early. However, I will enjoy sleeping in till noon tomorrow!Connor Brown

Connor Brown

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