Full Recovery Mode Today

So I did have school today after all; it was rather unfortunate that I couldn’t sleep in and it was definitely weird being back after having the last 10 days off.Connor Brown

As far as todays training is concerned I had an off day today, but thats only as far as getting off the bike. You see, I spend these days stretching and exercising my core to make sure my body is in peak physical condition.

I am actually enjoying stretching, it just feels nice and relaxing and it helps since I had intervals yesterday and my legs were tight today.

The one thing that I am not such a fan of is the foam roller, its really a love hate relationship. It’s just incredibly painful to try and roll the knots out of the muscles. However, at the same time it is definitely a necessary evil when it comes to maximizing recovery.

The Foam Roller

The Foam Roller

As of now I am relaxing on the couch watching the alpine skiing events with my compression socks on. I have to say that this alpine skiing looks pretty fun, I would love to go down those slopes as fast as they are doing it.

Tomorrow looks as though I will be on the rollers again, but the good thing is that it looks as though the weather is clearing up and KC is expecting to get 50 degree weather in the near future. I just hope thats the last of the snow!

Connor Brown

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