Coming Down To The Wire

So I was back on the bike today, after a well deserved day off. I had just a two hour ride today and of course it would be, once again, on the rollers. Although I will say that the weather is starting to look as though it is going to clear up. However, I will have to deal with having to wait for the washout period of all the melted snow in the streets.Connor Brown

Although this weekend looks to be superbe riding conditions, which I am definitely excited for, I am just a little anxious to get myself back out there and get used to what it feels like to ride outside again. For those of you that don’t know it is really hard to get out of the saddle on the rollers, and since the rollers don’t change gradient at all, your body can become accustomed to the same position.

It would be no different if you just rode the same course every day, eventually your body will get used to it and it won’t be as good for your training. So I am definitely anxious to get out and switch it up.

VOS is right around the corner and I am so very excited to start my new season. The team is looking very strong and we have already got a good number of wins and podiums and the season has just started in AZ. With a strong team VOS will be so much nicer to attend. I remember last year I had to lone wolf it, but this year is going to be awesome for sure!

Connor Brown

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