The Pain Was Brought Today

So for today I had a two hour ride with some zone five intervals to jazz things up a bit. I was a little worried because the legs felt kinda tight today, but nothing that was out of the ordinary.Connor Brown

My intervals consisted of four zone fives for three minutes each; zone five is probably the hardest type of intervals I do for training.

A little side note; I had a half day at school today and what I typically like to do on half days is make myself an awesome meal. I usually bring my food from home and yes it is way better than the cafeteria food, but its still hard to call it a full course meal, thats at least what my metabolism says haha.

So a couple hours after I eat my lunch I decided it would be a good time to jump on the bike to get my ride started.

After 90 minutes of my ride, it was time to start the wave of intervals. I really enjoy testing the limitations of my body and pushing those limitations out further. Its like every time I reach my limit it gets pushed further out until I reach it again.

Anyways, while I was doing these intervals, I realized that I was pretty tired to the point of dizziness, I think I must have just gone crazy hard, because I could feel my heart ripping out of my chest from the exercise. It was really awesome to feel my body getting faster, which is why training is so addicting to me. There is no better feeling in the world then keeping your body in tip top shape.

Once I had finished the intervals I ended my ride with a twenty minute cool down spin and moved on to work the core out a bit.

After I finished up all of the days exercises, I finally had time to relax.

Connor Brown

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