Welcome Back To Missouri

So after spending time in the awesome Arizona weather, it really sucks to come back and have 25 degree weather and be forced to ride inside.Connor Brown 2014

I mean, I tried it and everything, I got all dressed up, I went out and I was just shocked at how freaking cold it was.

Hopefully this gets cleared up before the race this weekend, otherwise this might weaken the turnout of racers and I want a decent field to race with.20140225_154524

Anyways, like I said I road inside on the rollers today, but while I was riding I couldn’t help but notice that my legs were super fresh and felt amazing. I was crushing those rollers like it was nothing, spinning in a pretty hard gear without any trouble.

I am pretty happy with how awesome my legs feel and I am hoping that it warms up so I can ride outside.

However, I really miss the Tru Composite wheels, they are just incredibly fast. I think it was the combination of a crazy fast wheel and that it was the first time I had ridden on tubulars.

I usually ride clinchers, but tubulars are definitely faster by far and in my mind they handle better. I was so shocked and happy about the wheels that my first group ride in AZ I would not shut up about the wheels.

As for tomorrow, I am really hoping that it warms up a TON! I just can’t stand this cold weather and I am declaring that I refuse to tolerate it any longer. As far as I’m concerned Mother Nature will be receiving a very nasty letter if this continues.

Connor Brown

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