Anyone Want Candy?

So if yesterday wasn’t cold enough it seemed as though it got even colder today, but I think the worst part was that it was so sunny outside today. Unfortunately it was just too cold to ride outside, which I am really hoping doesn’t happen tomorrow, otherwise I might go crazy.Connor Brown 2014

I think I got spoiled in Arizona, the weather is just always too ridiculously nice there, its almost not fair to the rest of the world.

Anyways, I had a two hour session on the rollers that I cranked out. Once I finished that up, I did some of my core exercises, just to keep everything in check.

After that I ate the last of the trail mix, only the healthy parts though. I’m probably the one person who only eats the raisins and peanuts out of the mix and leaves all the candy untouched.


Anyone Want Candy?

So it looks as though I am just going to race Springfling this year, I would like to do the Perry road race, but I am not going to be in town enough to do more than two, and I am not paying an absurd amount to race a brutal road race (due to the fact that it always has very windy wet conditions) were only five guys show up because the payout isn’t good enough.

Yet I am still contemplating doing the race because I like the finish, but like I said I am probably not going to attend unless something changes or I have an epiphany.

Connor Brown

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