Going Back to Cali

So I received some excellent news today! I am going to be leaving on March 9th to Arizona and will be there until April 14th racing my bike!Connor Brown 2014

I am so excited to leave this cold reached weather that is no way suitable for any life. Anyways, I am so stoked to get out of school and go race and train in AZ and Cali. I have to give big props to my school for making this all possible for me. Definitely wouldn’t have been possible without their awesome support and cooperation.

However, with this great news seals the fate for me not attending the Perry road race.

As for my next race I will be attending the Spring-fling crit this weekend, I just hope that it warms up so I don’t have to wear my winter crap. I will say I’m kinda not a fan of how the race works in regards to how they formulate the results. Its really weird because you can win the race but somehow lose. Its like if some guy wins all the primes yet doesn’t win the final he can still win.

I think its just kinda cheap because they reward the guys who just sprint for the primes and punish the guys who want to win on breakaways. Not to mention that you have to show up for every single race if you want to even place, because they only rank the top ten guys.

Thats just my opinion on it. I do however enjoy the race I just wish they would treat it like a real race and separate the points in order to pay out for the entire series.

On another note; I did get to ride outside today, which was nice. It was a bit cold and I probably had 15 pounds of winter gear on, but it was definitely worth getting back out on the road and stretch the legs.

Connor Brown

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