So just when I thought it couldn’t get any colder, I get blasted with another snow storm. This has probably been one of the harshest winters yet.Connor Brown 2014

I have spent more hours on the rollers that I don’t even care to know and telling me would probably make me sick. I am so ready to leave and get back to the west coast, and I am not coming back until I know that this stuff is gone for good.

Look I know a lot of people don’t believe in the global warming but if this is the stuff it causes we are in dire need to do something fast, at least for my sake.

As far as my race went, it was probably 18 degrees, not counting the wind chill, before I started, but that was before the snow started pouring down. My legs were frozen solid before I even got started, it was so cold that they knocked the race down about 9 laps.

It was probably the worst race, weather wise, that I have ever participated in. I mean I couldn’t put on enough pants to keep my legs warm for a minute.

I Was laughing at myself because, three laps into the race I couldn’t feel my thighs, calves, and my feet. I felt like I was just sitting on a tiny seat with something moving underneath me. My Dad commented that maybe the fact that I had holes in my gloves didn’t help, but I probably didn’t notice it because my hands were already numb before I even put them on.

I thought the whole thing was pretty ridiculous, I think I am just too spoiled from AZ, and coming back to this weather was terrible. I just hope next week is a lot warmer than this and by a lot I mean 60 degrees.

Anyways, I was on the rollers for another three hours today, not to mention the two and a half hours yesterday. Less than an hour into my ride my laptop ran out of juice and I just got to ride without any entertainment for two and a half hours, it was definitely boring as heck.

Luckily, the meal I had tonight made up for the crappy weather. My Dad is now using a rotisserie cooker to make some dynamite meat!

Connor Brown

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