So I was stuck inside today on the rollers, but while I was inside my Dad and I took the time to really analyze my form and figure out how we could strengthen it.Connor Brown 2014

Just for a little back story, ever since we switched the bikes over, which my Dad and I did ourselves simply because I was so excited and wanted to ride it right then and there; anyway I started to think that I really didn’t like my saddle anymore, to the point where I really wanted to get a new one or switch back to try my old one to see if it made things any better. It just really bugged me because for some reason now it really hurt my butt and I didn’t feel as solid.

So after a long stretch of having to ride inside on the rollers, which is kinda uncomfortable anyways, I just figured it must have been the rollers.

Yet even when I got outside it still hurt like mad.

Well today my Dad had an idea to check my saddle because he was looking at my hip angle and didn’t like what he saw.

So he got the measuring stuff out and leveler and found that my seats tip was pointing to far up which was causing me to sit too far back on the saddle and not get an ideal hip angle.

So we lowered the tip and bam!, I found my sweet spot again. I was so happy because the saddle felt good again, and I could feel my hips slowly fall back into the correct place.

Man I was happy to figure that out! I didn’t know what was going on but after looking at some pictures from VOS I could really start to see that my butt looked as though it was protruding out more than it needed too.

I am super stoked about this and I can’t wait to get back out on the road!

Connor Brown

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