It Worked!

So today was the day that I finally got to test my new seat position. I was super excited to have been able to find a huge kink in the system yesterday and felt as though today would be a great day to test it out.Connor Brown 2014

I had four three minute zone five intervals today and for the entire school day I thought about how excited I was to get back out on the road.

After school I wasted no time getting on the bike, it was a weird 45 degrees outside, and by weird I mean every five minutes it felt as though it dropped a degree. So I tried to dress accordingly, but its always hard to prepare for something like that. It didn’t help that the wind was blowing that stingy cold air from the north, but sometimes you just gotta man up.

Anyways, I was super pleased with my new position, and throughout the ride I notice that my cadence had gotten higher and that I was able to get more power out. Its safe to say that I was feeling my usual self again, and it felt great.

I was laughing because within the last month everything just didn’t seem as though it was working properly, form wise. I just kept trying to figure out what had happened and I just thought I needed a new seat, like my butt had suddenly changed. But its good to say that the problem has been solved and the watts showed.20140305_152526

I can’t wait to be able to get back out on the bike again tomorrow and with a little luck it will get warmer for me.

Connor Brown

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