One To Go!

So today the weather finally warmed up for me, it was a beautiful 50 degrees outside and boy did I enjoy the heat wave. I actually was able to wear fingerless gloves today, which was awesome.Connor Brown 2014

For today’s ride I was focusing solely on my power and cadence, I haven’t looked at speed for the past two days. Its crazy how wattage has changed the game when it comes to training.

Its definitely helping me maximise recovery though which is nice!

Anyways, there wasn’t too much to talk about ride wise, but as far as the rest of the week goes. I officially have one day of school left before I am headed off to AZ!

I can’t wait to get out of class because the spring time is definitely the worst time to sit inside while its nice out. Plus no more boring classes!

Its definitely going to be awesome in AZ, so I am now counting down the hours before I leave.

I still have one more race to do before I leave town, and it looks as though its going to be a warm one compared to last weeks race in Antarctica. So I am super stoked about that!

Connor Brown

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