It’s Good To Be Back!


New Decals for my TT helmet

So I finally arrived in AZ, after a long journey!

After my first full day here I can already tell you that this is going to be awesome.

The weather is absolutely perfect outside and I am already starting to get tan again. The best part is that I get to hang out with all my teammates and never feel as though I might get trapped on the rollers again.

I will say that not going to school is fantastic as well. I get to wake up on my terms, ride, then do my work. It’s definitely the way to go for school if you’re an athlete.

Recovery Time

Recovery Time

Anyways, I have Tucson Bicycle Classic coming up this weekend and I am doing everything I can to

My room

My room

prepare for it. From putting my new team decals on the time trial helmet to using recovery compression boots, its now all about the minimal gains!

As for tomorrow I will be trying out my TT bike for the first hour and then taking out the road bike to finish it off. I can’t wait to see where I find myself tomorrow, I will make sure to keep everyone updated.

Connor Brown

Connor Brown 2014

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