Preparation Time

So yesterday I had a two hour ride, and I wanted to get my bearings a bit, so that way I could ride by myself if needed.Connor Brown 2014

Right away I notice that I was going to be in a bit of trouble because everything looks basically the same. However, I did start to pick up a few landmarks throughout my ride that should be able to help me in the future.


Miles and Miles of This

Yet after all of my effort I still got lost on the way home due to there being two entrances to Tisha and Jay’s neighborhood, which made me feel as though I had just been incepted by Leonardo himself.


My New TT Bike

As for today I plan on heading out with my TT bike to give it a good spin before race day, this coming Friday.

The cool thing is that Jay is the best mechanic in all of AZ and he stays at the house working on everyone’s bikes until he goes to work at 11, which is pretty freaking awesome, because its like having a personal mechanic.

Anyways, I am taking off to get my ride done I will keep everyone posted.

Connor Brown

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