One To Go!

Yesterday was awesome, I got the TT bike dialed in and made sure everything met all my high standards. Then I took it out for a ninety minute cruise around Anthem. Overall I really like the Argon time trial bike simply because its freaking fast and awesome. I was doing like an average of 27 mph for the first half of my ride just super easy, but I did have a slight tail wind.Connor Brown 2014

After I finished up my ride I came back and did some homework, before I chilled out. I did get to try some fresh made from scratch pastries, which tasted amazing.IMG_36460960566575

This morning I got up and Helped wash the team van so that way it looks fresh and fly for tomorrows race.20140313_091035

On a different note; I am pretty excited to be able to start racing again, especially on some new terrain. I will make sure to try and keep everyone updated on the race.

As for now I am going to start my ride, ciao!

Connor Brown

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