Finishing On A High Note

So today was the circuit race, which featured a course similar to a crybaby hill, only stretched out. This course kinda suited me because of how the hill slowly wares riders down, plus the climb was pretty long.Connor Brown 2014

The day before the circuit, we had the road race and it didn’t go so hot for our team. They had rang the bell on the third lap, so I had thought it was one to go and I drilled it, and basically went all in and would have finished fourth on the day, but apparently we had another lap to go.

I was pretty cooked after that move, since I had done a lot of work following moves that went up the road. I did hang on to what was left of the group and finished 23rd, which made me our highest placed rider for the team.

I wasn’t too happy with the results yesterday and I really wanted to make a statement today. The race was 8 laps, which would be a forty mile race.

Three laps in I tried to play it cool and sat in the top 12 for the entire time. I wanted to keep my eye out for anything interesting, that way I wouldn’t miss a good move.

Sure enough with four laps left I saw a good move go and I jumped and bridged to it. I decided that I was going to go all in on the move, which meant that I would do most of the work driving the break, but I felt really good.

There were five guys in the break and we got our gap up to 51 seconds at the most. That would have put me in second place in the GC. However, sometimes fate doesnt play out the way you wish. Apparently, when the pros caught the 2 field, the twos decided they would hop on for half a lap, which brought our gap down considerable.

With the guys scrambling around in our break, trying to figure out whether to give up or not, I decided to take control and drive the sucker home, simply because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a good sprint in if I got caught by the field after all the work I had put in.

So I made it to the line in third place. I probably could have done better in the sprint, especially since I wasn’t to tired but I was more focused on moving into the money for my team on the GC.IMG_66626997175580

I have to give big props to my teammates who helped slow the peloton down for me, while I was in the break. But the biggest thanks goes to my teammate Travis. He definitely sacrificed the most this weekend for the team and the team really benefited from it.

So I definitely give him the best teammate award for the weekend!

As far as the GC is concerned, I moved up to seventh one second behind my teammate Clayton. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t move up more but thats racing.


GC Rankings















Connor Brown

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