Time To Explore

So today I had a simple two hour ride and because I was riding by myself I decided to go exploring.Connor Brown 2014


The Climb

After about an hour of riding I found a pretty steep little climb that really caught my attention. Once I had climbed up it, I got a pretty good view of Anthem.

Its really great to be here while Kansas City is still dealing with the polar vortex drama, plus it’s really helping me out with my tan.


Top of the Climb

However, the roads are a lot more busy than KC’s, but overall there is just awesome riding here. Especially the climbing! I can ride like thirty minutes out and I am at a bunch of steep long climbs, that are perfect for training.

At first it was pretty hard riding here, due to how dry it is, but I think I am starting to get used to it, slowly but surely.

I have two crits this weekend that I will be doing and I am definitely excited for them. It will be a good tun up for San Dimas.

Connor Brown

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