Gotta Adapt Or Die

Today was pretty chill, started off with a quick stem length change. I have been riding the same stem length for two years now, and I have probably grown a lot since then. So it would only makes sense that I go a bit longer.Connor Brown 2014

I had only a ninety minute ride today, with some zone five intervals, which were definitely fun. I got to ride with Travis today, which was pretty cool. Its always nice to ride with someone, especially your teammate.

Anyways, after I finished my intervals, we ran into Tisha driving, and tailgated her for a bit before we decided that our coaches wouldn’t be to happy with the extra wattage output.

It was definitely fun though, plus the weather was nice and sunny which made it even better.

Once, I finished up the ride, I came back and chilled out. It was really nice to take a nap in the middle of the day. I think I am becoming a quick fan of the mid day nap, which is kinda scary. I think I am getting to used to this lifestyle. It will be funny when I come back to KC and have to get up at 6 again for school. Lets just say that I am not looking forward to that.

Connor Brown

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