Man what a day; it was my little sisters 13th birthday, she is now officially a teenager! I on the other hand had a race that I needed to do today.Connor Brown 2014

I was pretty excited to get to race, unfortunately it was just me who was going for our team today. Everyone else had to do some other stuff for training, but I guess I am pretty used to going Lone Wolf.

However, I will say the beast that is Team Winded was in full affect and our very own director took me to the race and gave me the low down, warm up, and everything else that I could have needed to get the job done correctly (including awesome new treads for the fastest Tru wheels).

I have to say it, being on Winded is pretty awesome, its just so cool to have such awesome support from everyone, and lets not forget that we have some of the best sponsors in the world.

Anyways, once the race finally got under way, I figured that I would just be my usual aggressive self. I mean the worst that could happen would be that I get a great workout for San Dimas.

Right out the gate the race was animated with attacks, I followed most of them and tried some of my own but nothing was sticking.

Finally, I managed to get in a pretty good breakaway with another rider that last three laps. Once we had been caught, I waited for the counter attack to come.

Sure enough, Louis Elliot, rolls off the front when everyone is hurting and trying to recover. Seeing this I was quick to jump onto his wheel, and just like that we were off.

The rest of the race would be a gutsy two man breakaway that for the first twenty minutes was hanging out with a six to ten second gap on the field.IMG_222741091505404

It was insane! There was a 180 degree turn on the course, and we could literally see the peloton slowing into the turn while we were sprinting out of it.

Eventually, the chase slowed and we busted the gap into twenty seconds. After that I guess you could say out of sight out of mind!

It was awesome, Lewis Elliot is like a world class professional Ironman triathlete, and he was riding a trek time trial frame that had road bars on it.Lewis Elliot

I knew immediately just by looking at him, that I was in for a ride.

At the end of the day, I came in for the win, Lewis told me that he didn’t want to sprint me and just wanted the break to stick so we came in together.

It was a great day on the bike, I would like to thank Jesus for an outstanding result and I dedicated the win to my sister, Happy Birthday IMG_222773428358430Bella!

Connor Brown

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