Hungry Dog Crit Done!

So yesterday was the Hungry Dog Crit, and this course was flat as a pancake and had absolutely no turns that needed breaking in. So you could say it was kinda like a sprinters delight. I was on my lonesome for this one as well, however I did have full support from my team, which was definitely nice.Connor Brown 2014

I tried to go with a bunch of moves and tried a bunch on my own, but nothing was sticking. Finally after a fast race it came down to a field sprint with a rider off the front. I was boxed in and when I finally got out I had to go around the outside which cost me, I finished with the group it was fast, but the course was just crazy easy.DSC06466-1000x750

However, I was glad to get a good workout in before San Dimas, thats coming up this weekend.

After the race I went and hung out with my teammate and good friend Chaz. It was really good to hang out with him, plus his house was pretty cool. His brother has a sick snake collection that was pretty crazy.

As for today I just had a nice day off, that I used for relaxing.

Connor Brown

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