We Have Arrived

So after a long car trip we finally arrived in San Dimas, which is just beautiful. The weather was a bit rough, we encountered a dust storm on our way in and a bit of rain, but all in all not that bad.

Anyways, today we were previewing the time trial course, and it is awesome! It is just straight up a mountain and it just has a gradient that feels perfect. I am very excited for the time trial now!


Travis Riding up the TT course


After I rode up it a couple times, I decided to put in a zone three effort on it just to see how it felt. I didn’t have my climbing cassette on, but I felt pretty good going up it.

Plus once you get to the top the view is incredible! However, I will say that it feels like a longer course than it sounds. Its only 4.5 miles but man it just keeps going and going.

The road is pretty nice though, I think it will look a lot nicer when it is sunny out. It was pretty windy and it sprinkled on us for a bit.

It was nice to get to ride up it with my teammates and get some of their input on the course.

I think the best part was the decent though, I had a blast flying down the mountain. I just kept thinking life is good, I am out here descending a mountain when I could be in school.20140326_154105

Anyways, after that we chilled out at the hotel and took an ice bath in the pool which was pretty cold.

After that we went and rode down to get some stuff for our stay at the hotel.


Riding around town

Connor Brown

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