We Are All Systems Go

Today I got to pre ride the road course, which is kinda funny that its called a road course, because it is only 7 miles. Which is weird, because its more like a circuit race than it is a road race. We will do eight laps, which is only 56 miles, and thats pretty short for a cat 2 race.

Connor Brown

Connor Brown

Overall the course is pretty cool. Its got a nice climb with a wicked decent. I think it will be a race of attrition, with the possibility to have a breakaway work. It kinda reminds me of a harder TBC circuit race.

Once we had finished reconning the course, we got ready to go to packet pick up. The pickup was in a pretty cool shop. I had trouble at first getting my number, because I needed a parent signature, but I eventually got everything worked out.

My number that I will be rolling with this week is 236.20140327_174517

Connor Brown

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