San Dimas Time Trial

So today was the start of San Dimas and the first stage would be a crazy hard uphill time trial. I really wanted to get a good result today and the course was kinda tailored to me, due to the long climb.

I decide that I would big ring the course and thats what I did. I hit the climb and just spun my cranks as hard and fast as I possible could. I ended up catching like three guys and I almost made it four. I didn’t get caught by anyone and felt I had put up a good time.IMG_135563166248154

However, my time would only be good enough for a seventh place result. I am a bit disappointed because I think I could have done better. I think were I went wrong is that I didn’t get out of the saddle were I probably should of.

I think I kinda talked myself out of it, because I felt that it wouldn’t be as aero, but I think it would have got me a couple of seconds on the steeper parts.IMG_146447988256832

Anyways, tomorrow is the road race and hopefully I can move up in the GC a bit.

Connor Brown

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