Road Race Down One To Go

Man today was a hard race! The race had gotten shortened because of an Earthquake that occurred the night before. Which meant that because it is a shorter race, there would be more attacks and it would be a faster race.IMG_218612626480361

This happens because guys can attack early and still be fresh for the end, so it encourages a harder race. Overall the course was pretty hardcore, with three nasty climbs and a lot of nasty technical descending, that kept everyone on there toes. Not to mention that in all the flat areas there was a bunch of crappy roads that felt like riding on cobblestones.

Anyways, I followed a bunch of moves and attacked a bunch myself, but it just seemed as though nothing was sticking. Eventually we came down to the last lap after a break had just been reeled in and everyone basically kept it together.IMG_218601787338516

I was pretty tired by the end but managed to stay in the front for the finish. I ended up 30th on the stage, but I am tied for fifth and I am only 7 seconds down from 3rd place.

There is one stage left so hopefully, something good happens for me tomorrow.

As for now I get to play catch up with my school work. It is definitely hard to balance out school work while racing.IMG_218584822983047

Connor Brown

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