That’s A Wrap!

IMG_333341213884704So San Dimas is done and in the books, I finished up tied for 5th. Which isn’t too bad, I just wish I could have been a bit higher up in the GC than 5th. However, I do think that my form is starting to come around. I am almost done playing catch up with these guys who have been soaking up the sun, while I have been stuck inside for the winter.

The stage race ended up with a crit that was pretty fast, and on a flat technical course. It wasn’t crazy hard of a course, it seems as though it was downhill for like 85% of the course, because its on like a downhill false flat. I would say that it was a reward for the sprinters that hung on in the road race.

I was a bit upset that the road race course wasn’t a bit harder. I really wanted a mountain top finish! I think that would be really cool to have like a 9 mile climb and then finish right at the top.

IMG_333333098619811Anyways, today I spent the day trying to get my homework done. Man it seems as though it really got piled on over this weekend. Unfortunately, I was so busy this weekend that I couldn’t get much done.

Now I get to play catch up, which sucks because I can’t do anything but work. Hopefully by tomorrow I can get a bit of a break so I can relax before this weekend.IMG_270043834956541

Connor Brown

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