Having Fun

So I have been absolutely busy with homework this week; its funny because it seems like everyone is dumping the work on me now. I thought it was going to get nicer; boy was I wrong its as though it got increased by 75%!

Connor Brown

Connor Brown

Even though I have been pretty busy with the school work, I have still been able to get in some fun and good riding in. Yesterday was April fools day, and I wanted to get my roommate Travis pretty good. He really likes orange juice so I went all the way out to buy a package of macaroni and cheese to use the flavoring to mix into a pitcher of water.20140331_231102(0)

It really looked like orange juice it was crazy! Yet, for some reason Travis was not in the mood for orange juice, which was weird because he drinks it by the gallon. I decided today that since it was no longer April fool’s that I should tell him.

So it kinda backfired on me because I had to clean a stinky pitcher full of cheese. However, it was worth the thrill, I guess.

As far as riding, I rode today with Travis, just a simple hour at zone two. I figured since I have another week until Sea Otter that I should go and get some good climbing in. However, we kinda got lost and decided to pass it up and go do some local steep climbs, that way we didn’t completely blow off the climbing.20140403_112035

The climbing here is ridiculous! All around Anthem are insanely steep climbs, that you could never find in KC. I really love climbing up them because it makes you feel like you’re going up climbs in the Vuelta, plus its just an amazing view at the top.

However, sometimes you need to be careful because a lot of these climbs are just in neighborhoods, so keeping your eyes peeled for no trespassing signs is a must.20140403_111653

Connor Brown

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