My Stay At The Boulders

So this past weekend I had the pleasure of staying at the Boulders Resort, which was very nice 5 Star Hotel. I had gotten invited down by Steve McCauley who is the Director of Development at USA Cycling, to come out for a give back to the people who donate huge amounts of money to the development of the sport.


This Was The View Of The Resort

I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to meet these guys because they are just great connections to have in this world, plus they were pretty cool.

Right away when I arrived along with Brandon McNulty and another rider, I knew I was in for a treat. The staff at the hotel handled all of our luggage and was very friendly to us.

After we got settled into our rooms, we all hung out and just chilled before we went to bed.

The next morning we woke up early to get some breakfast with all of the guys, before our ride. The

meal was very good, especially since it was oatmeal. I never thought you could make mushy dull oatmeal look so tasty, it was as if I was eating a plate of artwork.

Brandon and I hanging out.

Brandon and I hanging out.

Anyways, when we finally met everyone and kitted up, we headed out for our ride. The route that had been selected was crazy hilly with lots of long climbs and descents. It was really fun to be the ride leaders for once, because usually when I am at a USA Cycling Camp I am chaperoned around.

The ride ended up being a ton of fun; the guys were kinda racing each other to the finishing climb, and I got to go with David, who is super cool. We started off a bit off the lead group of four riders and we eventually caught them and then attacked them on the decent for the winning move.

I was laughing my head off because it was so funny, to watch the guys race each other. The ride was just a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed the route.


These Were All Over The Resort

After that I hung out with Brandon and had some fun at the resort. We had gotten some time to ourselves so we headed over to the pool and climbed some of the trails at the resort, it was really nice.

While all of this was going down, Steve reserved a table at a great pizza joint and prepaid for our meals. So once dinner rolled around we got to come in and sit right down and eat. It was as if we had pre-registered for our meal.20140405_172844

The next day we had another ride to do with the guys, and this time we went up a pretty good climb and then came back and road the flats, so the gentlemen could have a relaxing pace to enjoy.

It was really great to meet all of those guys and get to ride with them. I just hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.


Steve McCauley

All in all the trip was lots of fun and it was great to do, I can’t believe all of the stuff I have gotten to do since I arrived in early March. I just can’t believe that I am coming into the last weekend of my stay here. I am definitely going to miss this lifestyle, but it will be good to come back and see everyone.

Connor Brown

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