Sea Otter DAY 1

So I have been pretty busy this week with traveling and school work, but I am finally here in Monterey for Sea Otter. It is so beautiful here, I can not believe that it could get any better than San Dimas, but California continues to surprise me.

We are staying in this awesome house that is right next to the ocean, so all night and day we can hear the waves crashing against the rocks, which is very nice.20140410_161624

As for today, we went and got our numbers for the race, and then hung out at the expo, where they had tons of cool stuff to do.

I got to chill out with Austin and he really showed me how it works at Sea Otter expo. We went to basically every tent and walked away with some cool free stuff. I actually won a Bar Fly, which I am super excited about because I really needed to get one. So that saves me at least twenty bucks!20140410_132254

As for tomorrow, I am going to do my best to keep you guys updated, I have just been super busy with all of the school work and racing.

Connor Brown


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