Got The Call

So its official, I am heading to Europe on May 23 and won’t be back until June 23 for the USA National team!

Connor Brown

Connor Brown

I can not believe where I will be racing, its definitely going to be awesome. I will be attending races such as, Tour du Pays de Vaud, which is a huge race in Switzerland, or Trofeo Karlsberg, which is a Nation Cup race in Germany, but the best part is all of these are huge climbing races from what it sounds like.

I am so excited to head out and get this trip started, plus we have a pretty nice wrecking crew. Team is as follows: Adrien Costa, William Barta, Philip O’Donnell, Efren Flores, Jonathan Brown, and myself.

So basically I have a couple more races in the US before I ship out. I wonder what happens with school now?

Anyways, I am pretty excited about the whole situation, but for now I just have to keep up the training and preparation for my races.

Next on the list is Joe Martin and after that Maybe the Gila, I haven’t decided on that one yet.

Connor Brown

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