Fast Fridays With The Wise Man

So I was off school today for good Friday, which meant that I would be able to ride with Bill Marshall. It was a pretty legit ride, we went on a route that had some nice climbing in it, and just all around great training.

I think the best part was being able to ride with someone who knows what they are doing for once. Plus he knows what he is talking about when it comes to cycling and he has a lot of Jelly Belly Sports Beans, which are awesome.

Bill's New Shirt!

Bill’s New Shirt!

All in all, it was a fun ride and I got to listen to so really funny stories.

After my ride, I got a phone call from Barney, who is my coach and one of the directors at USA Junior National Team, and I was informed that I was now flying in a week early so that I could race one extra stage race, and this one has cobbles!

The race will include some of the climbs from huge classic races like Flanders.

Once I got back home I went out and motor paced my Dad for a bit. Then I took my baby out for a spin around the block.20140418_162839

So I can definitely say that it has been a good day, I am definitely excited to get on the plane and head to Europe.

Connor Brown

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