Joe Martin Ended Poorly

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So Joe Martin is all finished up and overall it was an incredibly hard race to do by myself. Especially being so far up in GC, that probably made it even harder because no one really wanted to help me out due to my positioning.IMG_6164

Anyways, Friday’s road race ended up with a late break up the road which ended staying away and then to complicate things coming into the finish a crash literally happened right in front of me, but luckily slid out just in time. However, there was a cost associated to it; I lost all my momentum and to make matters worse it was right on the second to last hill (the very place I had been planning my escape) and to add insult to injury I was in my hardest gear on a nasty climb.

Saturday, basically was just a hard race. As much as I tried to get away because of my high GC I was heavily marked so no one let me get away. The worst part was anytime I got brought back the teams where quick to counter, resulting in another break I was unable to get into, which sucked. At the end of that stage I was sitting in 10th place in GC.

The next day I wanted to get a good result in the crit and felt that I could get it done, due to the uphill finish.

Now this didn’t start off well, right out the gate, I had to roll like 5 meters backwards on the course to get to the start, and at least six other guys came with me. We all made the front row because of that, but for some reason the official was being a real jerk and decided that he wanted, JUST ME, to go to the very back.

In this crit, people start getting shelled on lap one and starting in the back was really sucky for this race.20140427_160541

So eventually I get to the front, but right after that, a guy runs right into my rear doing about thirty five which caused me to hit the deck hard.

Luckily I wasn’t to banged up, but my front wheel was cracked and the official made me walk all the way down from the top of the hill to the bottom of the downhill, which is like at least a half a mile walk, or maybe it just felt like that because I had to walk in my cleats, with my bike on my shoulder, with my arse torn up.20140427_163921

It took me about three laps to get down there and right away, the official tells the guy that he needs to swap the wheel and throw me in. Well he didn’t check anything else (nice job Mr. Wheel Guy) and ends up throwing me in while after the pack went by me doing 30mph+. The sucky thing was that both of my breaks were rubbing like mad and my bars were pushed over to the side.20140427_164204

So right out the gate I had to chase down a speeding peloton with a dysfunctional bike. That ended up costing me ten more places in the GC and I ended up finishing in 20th place. I must say, I am a bit pissed off with how it ended and overall Im just mad that I lost what could have been a great result of which I am constantly reminded every time I sit down.

Connor Brown

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