Weekend Wrap Up

So I finished up my last race in the US, for a good bit, with a long road race.

The entire race series was pretty good with a strong turnout of solid riders.

I finished the first stage, a short power TT, in third place which was 2 seconds down from first. I actually thought this to be strange because first, I had a bozo rider who was riding up the climb (not racing) get in my way midway up the climb and second, my chain had skipped on me during the climb and I thought for sure that would have cost me huge time. However, I still managed to grab a third.20140503_083031

After that there was a pretty uneventful crit, that I ended up finishing with the main group receiving pack time. The GC did get a bit shaken up after that, do to the time bonus at the end. So that moved me into fifth, which I was alright with because I knew the road race would decided it.

The road race was 90 miles, which included some nice climbing and open areas for the wind to make things interesting. I had a hunch that a break was going to get away today, just wasnt too sure where and when, just knew it was simply just a matter of time.

With so many strong riders present it was hard to let any moves go unattend, especially since I was lone wolfing it this weekend.

Anyways, a break formed and I managed to get in it. The split happened on the last lap of the race, and with 10 guys I knew that it was going to stick.

Unfortunately when it came down to the finish, everyone got the jump on me which sucked because I had to play catch up. I ended up sixth on the day, but I finished right behind the guys who were behind me in GC.20140503_130127

This was supposed to solidify my third place, but the officials decided that there was a two second gap that between me and another rider which made it so that there was a three way tie for third.

The officials ended up giving me fifth, which is a bit bogus because when I went to ask to see the film they wouldn’t show me it and just said they recorded it and two officials both agreed it was 2 seconds. I have to admit I was a bit suspect because last year they had problems with the time splits and so I really just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t getting screwed. Anyway, thats racing sometimes.

Now I am off to Belgium to race with the National team!

On another note and way more important than my race….I want to give a huge shout out to Brian Dziewa for winning the Collegiate National Road Race! I consider Brian to be one of my mentors, who has really helped me out in my cycling and taught me an incredible amount about the sport. So way to go Brian!

The Beast

The Beast

That basically wraps up the weekends events. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did?

Connor Brown

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